AHA AVL presents Sonmi

AHA AVL presents Sonmi from Shuffle Magazine on Vimeo.

If the Minutemen had formed a band with Dan Deacon, they would have likely sounded like Somni. The Asheville outfit’s approach is anything but linear, and that’s a good thing. While the sheer amount of sound that the quartet throws out can be disorienting, it also results in an absorbing atmosphere that’s become their calling card. The incandescent drumming of Dave Mathes and focused bass lines of Nigel Gilmer add grounding physicality to the assault, and aptly counterbalance the cutting synths of Mike Mcbride. That last element is accentuated in Sonmi’s AHA AVL performance of “Radio Mountain,” as the band incorporates a selection of Moog’s toys, creating a rhythmic assault of gleefully distorted noise that’s catchy as all hell. Enjoy.

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