Digital offerings from Columbia’s Post-Echo collective


A digitally-oriented music collective aggressively exploring the internet as a way to both expand their art and serve the function of a DIY record label: cool idea. That’s the notion behind  Columbia’s Post-Echo. Started last summer the collection of 10 artsy projects is prepared to burst out of the gate forcefully in the next month. Three albums are set to be released under the Post-Echo name by the second week in March. The first, Forces of a Street‘s Pro Icarus (streaming here)was released this week. Albums by post-rock colossus Pan and electro project Roomdance are expected in March. Amidst their busy release schedule, Post-Echo has taken the time to release some free digital goodies as well.

The first is a video for Forces of a Street’s “The Architect.” The clip feels extremely 90s with a dude sitting in a cubicle, staring at his screen, then wandering out of the office and gazing with suicidal intensity off the side of the building before floating away. There’s a creepy dude in the elevator who’s blurred out and kinda looks like Eddie Vedder. There’s a gratuitous amount of shots that spin around the feet of the protagonist. The retro-leaning clip suits the song, which by the token of its creeping acoustics and ethereal electric guitar is sure to remind some of Radiohead, though the lush, Beatles-y harmonies are from a different world entirely. If you’re trapped in your own soul-sucking Office Space this Friday afternoon, it’s certainly an easy clip with witch to empathize.

Also floating about the web are two singles from bands in the Post-Echo roster. Modern Man, one of the more recent additions to the collective, are streaming a free demo from their upcoming full-length EP EYES NO. The song, called “TOS,” is built of darkly tinged shoegaze riffs and haunting atmospherics. The vocals are fashioned with cultish harmonies. The beefy riffs are given piercing, upper-register compliments. In all it’s a creepy and absorbing offering, one that makes the LP worthy of anticipation.

Adding to the fun — and proving it’s not all doom and gloom in the Post-Echo camp — is the new single from Pandercakes. “Paint by Numbers” is a jangly piece of warm psych-pop that’s perfect for the coming spring. Acoustic guitar and drums keep rag-tag rhythm as the band layers up perky ornamentation — whirring organ, clanging harpsichord, jaunty electric piano. The Beach Boys-inspired harmonies make all the pet sounds seem incredibly appropriate. Highly skilled in pop song craft, Pandercakes are a band to watch out for. –Jordan Lawrence

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