Goodbye, Moogfest; Hello, Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit (UPDATED)


Moogfest is gone. Citing a decision by Moog Music Inc. not to renew its licensing agreement, AC Entertainment — co-founder of Bonnaroo and creator of the Big Ears Festival, among others — announced yesterday its re-branded electronic music festival, the Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit. The new festival has not been scheduled yet, but will make its debut next year in Asheville.

In its three years, Moogfest drew thousands of attendees and boasted acts as renowned and diverse as St. Vincent, Battles, Amon Tobin, Devo, Suicide, Toro Y Moi, Ahleuchatistas, GZA, Nas and Flying Lotus. It also maintained a close tie to its title, with product demonstrations highlighting Moog instruments and panels and workshops exploring the history of Bob Moog’s musical innovations. This year, the festival drew some initial skepticism when its schedule shortened from three days to two, but strong reviews after the festival seemed mostly to quell any doubts.

But AC Entertainment CEO Ashley Capps has indicated that the name might not be the only change for the festival. ”We’re taking this opportunity to rethink the event a bit and challenge ourselves,” Capps said in a press release. “While we are still focused on Halloween weekend, that time of year has its difficulties and we’ve been encouraged to consider other options.”

More information about the  Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit will be released in 2013. —Bryan C. Reed

UPDATE: It seems we might have spoken too soon. According to Emmy Parker, Senior Marketing and Brand Manager for Moog Music Inc., Moogfest will continue in some form, independent of AC Entertainment. “Asheville, North Carolina was Bob’s home, and it will always be the home of Moog Music and the Bob Moog Foundation,” Parker wrote in an email to Shuffle. “Rest assured that Asheville will always be the home of Moogfest too. We look forward to sharing details regarding Moogfest 2013 with you very soon.”

We will continue to update the story as information is made available.

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