Post-Echo unveils Drift, a mind-bending comic with music to match

A little more than a year ago, I first interviewed Franklin Jones and Justin Schmidt about their ambitious idea for an artist collective that fulfilled the distribution and promotion needs of bands working in the digital age. They had just released Future: YALL, an amazingly effective collection of avant-leaning S.C.-based artists that was to be the spark for their Post-Echo brand. But one outlandish idea stood out above the rest: They wanted to release a digital comic that they would call Drift, which would portray a world where time did not stick to its strictly linear path. Bold ideas from a duo of ambitious Columbia upstarts, but how would they pan out?

Today, Post-Echo claims 10 area bands and 3 visual artists among its members. And as further proof of their DIY mastery of Internet media, we get Drift, a visual and audio presentation appropriately concerned with future technology and existential dilemmas. Presented on an intuitive and attractive interface, the pages written by Jones and illustrated by Andrea Miller are paired with an appropriately far-out soundtrack (streaming below) of Post-Echo-approved artists via a cleverly embedded player. In the comic, interstellar fighters dual at light speed, destroying planets and blurring the fabric of time. The music bolsters the mind-bending with tracks like the ominous celestial march of Storms of Jupiter‘s “Hadron’s Fear” and the seductive glitches of Ramphastos‘ “Stealth.”

I won’t spoil the experience for you any more, but suffice it to say that Drift is the kind of forward-thinking project that usually dies on a bar napkin or in the brain of an overworked artist. That Jones and Schmidt completed it is a testament to their creative commitment, a reason to believe in Post-Echo’s continued success. Click here to check it out for yourself. —Jordan Lawrence

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