S.C.-based Caroline Guitar Company earns Guitar World Accolades

With this much great music coming from the Carolinas, it shouldn’t suprise anyone that great gear follows. Columbia, S.C.-based Caroline Guitar Company provided a real-world example when their  Wave Cannon overdriver was named by Guitar World editors one of the Top 10 pedals of the year.

The gearheads at Guitar World voted the Wave Cannon No. 4 on the list, opining that where other overdrives and distortions often sound derivative of each other, this one — inspired by the CGC technicians’ favorite 70s and 80s op-amp fuzzes and distortions — is a “truly original gain pedal that makes you sound as such.”

You can hear what it sounds like and learn more about the pedal here.

Or, see what goes into making the Wave Cannon.

Shuffle does not necessarily endorse any one product, but instead any and all that assist you in rocking our faces off.

Caroline Guitar Company is a member of the USC/Columbia Technology Incubator, which since 1998 has provided opportunities for entrepreneurs to commercialize their ideas, produce financially viable and freestanding businesses, and create community jobs in the process. —John Schacht

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